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6.3.2017: Metener Ltd delivers turnkey dry fermentation plant to Kymenlaakson Jäte Ltd, Kouvola, Finland this year. Designing has already started and plant is ready for commissining by 15th September 2017. Plant is going to use different kind of green waste as main feedstock, and also dry manure and waste from food industry. Produced biogas is used for heat and electricity production.


Metener Ltd is family owned, finnish company which has 19 years of experience in biogas production and CHP technology, and 15 years of experience in biogas upgrading and operating public biogas filling stations. Company is 100 % owned by Kalmari family and it's strength is longterm research and development work done with help of highly professional personnel and with several universities and high-schools. Metener is founded in year 2001 and it has designed and constructed over 10 biogas plants. Metener has several patents to its newest technology, dry fermentation and also for pressurizing upgraded biogas.


Metener Ltd and Kalmari farm Success Story.

Video made by Evergreen Gas about our upgrading unit in England.